Two lawyers at the helm for faster results.

Many of our competition have come up through our own training programmes.

A good work-life balance is crucial to delivering top performance.

Our law firm

Since our foundation in 1999, we have specialized exclusively in employment law. Today we boast a staff almost 20 lawyers and, according to the Juve German Commercial Law Firms handbook, currently rank among Germany’s leading law firms.



We assign two lawyers to each of our mandates. In this way we ensure that we are more easily reachable for our clients, and better able to respond quickly and effectively across all phases of the respective mandate. [+]


In our digital age, there is a constant flow of new potential for conflict under employment law. As labour law specialists, we ensure that corporations, SMEs, family-run companies and individually-owned firms are optimally structured and prepared in this regard.



Individually negotiated employment and service contracts and severance agreements can harbour immense financial and personal risks. Our comprehensive legal expertise and experience in this area is regularly availed of by company executives.


Public institutions

The complexity of the legal landscape within the public sector requires a team of committed, highly experienced specialists. Since our founding, we have become firmly established as a reliable partner to public sector institutions.



We are a team of almost 20 employment law specialists with a shared passion for our chosen vocation,  but with widely varying fields of expertise. [+]

Seminars and events

We contribute to legal education and further training programmes, regularly giving presentations and conducting seminars. Click here for current topics and dates. [+]

Bucerius Law School

A long-standing patron of the renowned law school, we actively champion up-and-coming talents.