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The law firm

Since our foundation in 1999, we have specialized exclusively in employment law. Today we boast a staff almost 20 lawyers and, according to the Juve German Commercial Law Firms handbook, currently rank among Germany’s leading law firms.

rugekrömer represents (in judicial and extra-judicial matters) a wide range of organisations and individuals across Germany. These include public and private sector companies and corporations, public authorities, employer associations, foundations, executive boards, managing directors, executive employees and other top managers. We provide legal counsel throughout the country, covering all operational and strategic aspects of employment law.

Our expertise encompasses both classic areas such as terminations of employment, and niche areas such as co-determination rights of supervisory boards, complicated share option plans in executive contacts, the complexities of company pension plans, and negotiations on collective bargaining agreements. We also boast extensive experience in preparing and implementing complex restructuring measures. Further specialist areas include the conduct of reconciliations of interests and negotiations on social compensation plans, advising top executives, employment and collective bargaining law within the public sector, and employment law as applicable within the ecclesiastical sector.

rugekrömer employment law specialists
representing your interests with passion, empathy and vigour

Work with us and avail of the international experience, enthusiasm and assertiveness of our employment law specialists. Our clients value our passion for employment law, in-depth expertise, diverse sector knowledge and wealth of practical experience. We process our mandates taking into account the respective business background and the practical and financial viability of the measures to be implemented.

All our lawyers work exclusively in employment law. And within this field, all have specialist knowledge of specific sub-categories, for example, in legislation governing service contracts for executive board members and managing directors. All of our partners and most of our staff lawyers are employment law specialists with additional qualifications in related fields.

rugekrömer is committed to promoting teaching and further training within the field of law, and regularly publishes specialist legal literature.

Lawyers from within our ranks additionally work as lecturers for specialist employment law training and education programmes, and have done so for many years. Our company has therefore taught or trained many of the employment law specialists practicing in Germany. rugekrömer lawyers are also in constant demand as speakers at HR congresses and at conferences and seminars held by renowned companies. They moreover regularly author employment law publications, which we as a company then publish.

rugekrömer is a member of the “Hamburger Verein für Arbeitsrecht” (Hamburg Employment Law Association) and an official patron of Bucerius Law School. We also work closely with the chairs of various employment law faculties, in particular with those of Bucerius Law School and Hamburg University.


We guarantee transparent mandate management and uniform hourly fees, ensuring that the cost situation is clear at all times. [+]


The public endorsements we receive from many of our long-standing clients are a great source of momentum, spurring of forward on our path into the future.


Cooperative partnerships

We work with numerous partners from related fields of law and are part of a well-established network of experts. [+]


rugekrömer partners and lawyers are members of various clubs, associations and working groups, where they volunteer both a professional and a charitable capacity. [+]